Transplant Repair

Hair transplant repair cases are becoming more and more common these days with the rise of clinics offering quick and cheap hair transplant procedures.

Luckily we are able to repair and add density to poor transplants, low growth yields, poor scars, or even disguise older plug style hair transplant procedures to great effect. A successful repair procedure largely depends on the remaining amount of usable scalp donor hair or even body donor hair for transplanting to the area in need.

We can also disguise large unsightly strip scars that were performed by clinics not using the trichophytic closure technique. This is achieved either by inserting hairs into the scars via the FUE method or by excising the older strip scar altogether, and refashioning it with a new thinner trichophytic closure.

Hair can be moved from almost anywhere on the body and relocated to another part of the body. Body hair transplants from the beard, chest, back, arms or legs to the scalp are possible via the FUE method, although the survival rate of body hair is a lot less than traditional scalp donor hair which has proven to be far more superior in terms of regrowth. If the available scalp hair has been exhausted however, then body hair is a an alternative option.

We can also use Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment to disguise FUT and FUE scars or to add the illusion of density throughout the entire scalp by mimicking micro shaved hairs, using medical grade pigment and a 3 micron needle.