FUE Hair Transplant


FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision which uses a microscopic punch to remove each individual hair graft, in the same way as an apple corer removes the core of an apple. We first performed FUE back in 2003 shortly after discussing it with various doctors at the 2003 New York ISHRS conference. Both Dr. Robert Jones and Dr. Alan Feller were particularly helpful in the early days of¬†Follicular Unit Excision formerly know as ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’.

FUE is a completely different method compared to an FUT  hair transplant, but the technique of inserting the hairs are the exact same for both techniques. An FUE punch is used with great precision at a specific depth and angle to extract the hairs individually by hand. The hair is then carefully plucked out with forceps and trimmed to a uniform size prior to implanting into the recipient area.
For the FUE technique the patient’s hair is usually shaved all over to grade zero, though it is possible to shave only the donor region for extraction, leaving the hair longer on top as we plant into the recipient area. The patient usually lies face down and is anaesthetised locally to feel no discomfort whilst the hair extraction process takes place. The donor area typically recovers within 7-10 days, leaving small micro dot scarring only, making FUE the procedure of choice for those who like to wear their hair extremely short.