Eyebrow Transplant

Over the last 15 years that we have been performing eyebrow transplants, we have seen a sharp rise in men wanting to have the procedure performed.

Traditionally eyebrow transplants have been more popular with women who have lost theirs due to over-plucking them, or for other genetic reasons, but also for aesthetic thickening or shaping purposes.

During an eyebrow transplant, donor hairs are carefully selected from the traditional hair transplant donor region using the FUE or FUT method. The grafts are then prepared, and carefully implanted one at a time to recreate the new eyebrows, following the directional flow of how the hairs would emerge naturally.

Full results can be seen at 6 – 12 months post op. Regular trimming and grooming may be necessary at first, as the hairs have a tendency to grow a little faster than usual before they readjust themselves to grow more slowly in time.