Beard Transplant

Beard and facial hair transplant surgeries are increasing in popularity of late at our Harley Street clinic in London. Beard transplants result in a more masculine appearance for those who sadly cannot grow much facial hair.

We can recreate the look of a fuller beard for those who have little to no facial hair at all, or for those who only grow a sparse patchy beard. We can recreate full or partial beards, goatees, moustaches, sideburns and even fill in accident scars.

Much like the hair transplant procedure, hair for a beard transplant is selected from the traditional donor area. We utilise the FUE or FUT technique depending on your preference, and then implant the follicles to refashion the look of a fuller beard over a single day session.

For women who have had a facelift the sideburn hair is often lost during the procedure, which look’s very unnatural. Side burn restoration typically takes 3 hours to restore both sides to their former glory.