Who is suitable for a hair transplant?

Most men and women who have realistic expectations and understand the nature of hair restorative surgery are suitable candidates.

Our highly experienced team can answer any questions you are unsure of and tailor a suitable restoration plan for your specific case.


How long does hair transplant surgery take?

A one day hair transplant procedure will last between 3-7 hours, depending on the size of the area which needs to be covered. Regular breaks are offered during surgery, and we will also provide lunch for you on the day of your procedure. This arrangement makes it quite a pleasant experience for the patient whilst they sit back and enjoy a good movie – there’s never a feeling of urgency at Westminster Medical Group.


Are there any side effects of surgery?

Very rarely some patients do experience a small amount of post op swelling in the forehead, which then disappears over the course of 2-5 days. Using a cool cold compress or ice pack can help reduce any possible swelling.


When will I see growth?

When the grafts are planted, the hair bulb tends to go into a temporary dormant phase before growing again at around 6 – 12 weeks. Some hairs will start growing immediately and others much later. At 6 months post op you can expect to see up to 60% of the final growth, with the full result’s observed at 12 months after the procedure.


What sort of results can I expect? Is a full head of hair possible?

It always depends on the area which needs to be covered, and your available donor hair to cover such an area. If you are taking hair loss medication to prevent further hair loss and have a reasonable area to cover, then achieving a full head of hair is certainly possible. If you are completely bald however, and have limited donor hair available for a hair transplant, then often framing the face with a new hairline is beneficial, transitioning back to a lighter vertex and crown area. Additionally Scalp Micro Pigmentation can also be used in conjunction with a hair transplant to simulate the look of short shaved follicles throughout the scalp, creating the appearance of a fuller head of hair.