Eyelash Transplant

An eyelash transplant is a very detailed surgical procedure, where the scalp donor hair is very carefully hooked through the eyelid to restore the look of new lashes.

Eyelashes act as a defence against dust and debris entering the surface of the eye, and over time they can be weakened from excessive rubbing, pulling, stress or other genetical reasons.

The eyelash transplant is recommended for those who have visibly lost a portion of their eyelash hairs, and is not suited for those looking to add length to their existing eyelashes, like eyelash extensions.

The operation is a short outpatient procedure all performed under local anaesthetic and typically lasts for only 2-3 hours.

Regular trimming may be necessary at first, as the hairs tend to grow slightly longer than normal before they slowly readjust themselves to grow normally in time.

Full results can be seen at 6 – 12 months post op.