Clinic Information

Westminster Medical Group is a highly professional but very personal hair restoration clinic. Our tight knit team of Doctors, Technicians and Medical staff are highly skilled professionals, who are dedicated to offering you the best hair transplant service in the UK.

Dr. Rogers, Dr. Sebastian & Dr. Miln have over 30 years of combined experience in the field of hair transplantation and we were the first clinic to introduce the  FUE technique and FUT trichophytic closure method to the UK back in 2003, which have now superseded all previous hair transplant techniques.

We work to a quality standard, rather than a price, which is why we do not try to compete on hair transplant cost with other clinics, who are more sales orientated. If you want us to perform the best hair transplant surgery for you, then look no further than our long-standing expertise.

We only perform one hair transplant surgery per day, with you, the patient, as our sole focus. We do not rush to fit in a second or third patient on the same day as many other clinics currently do to offer lower prices, as we believe the quality of the surgery and patient care is largely compromised.

With over 6000 successful hair transplants completed at Westminster, we have an enviable reputation for both our results and our quality of service. Our team of doctors, technicians and medical staff are all highly trained and overseen by Dr. Sebastian and Dr. Rogers to deliver the highest standard of clinical excellence in the field of hair restoration.

We believe that if you are serious about having a hair transplant, and are looking for the highest standard of care, you will take the time to contact us to ascertain all the information you need relating to your particular case.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Team Westminster